aimee rivers
software crafter
07403 268398

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Who am I?

I am an independent software crafter who travels the UK working, making music and taking photographs.

I am fascinated by the web, mashups, geolocation and mobile technologies. I specialise in data modelling and integration of existing systems via APIs. I have strong skills in object oriented programming, particularly Ruby.

My interests are in TDD, BDD, agile software development, strong client interaction, software craftsmanship, mentoring, open source software, and great user experience at all levels.


aimee has an infectious passion for her craft. Having spent many hours pairing with aimee across multiple projects, I have always enjoyed the experience, learned a lot and been able to easily contribute in a collaborative manner. I would recommend aimee as an excellent team member, developer and friend.
Richard Patching, April 2012